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Federal Bureau of Investigation
fights on all fronts
against all forms of manipulation and conditioning,
against Slavery, against sexism and sexual violence,
against psychological and physical violence,
against "pimp and drug-dealer States", against oppression and inhumanity, against terrorism and organized crime
and for Freedom, Equality, human Dignity!
  Association ARTISTI
  Madonna, spied in her hotel room! :

The hotel Carlton has a hole of 50,000 euros in his accounts. The reason? Rooms of Madonna filmed little before her arrival. Madonna has refused to pay her note. Furious, Madonna let Carlton to pay this entrance into her intimacy expensively. That is a good example how to fight for human Dignity!
  (CBSNews) On Friday, Feb. 11, Egypt Tahrir Square in Cairo, CBS chief foreign correspondent Lara Logan was covering the jubilation in Tahrir Square for a "60 Minutes" story when she and her team and their security were surrounded by a dangerous element amidst the celebration. It was a mob of more than 200 people whipped into frenzy. In the crush of the mob, she was separated from her crew. She was surrounded and suffered a brutal and sustained sexual assault and beating before being saved by a group of women and an estimated 20 Egyptian soldiers. She reconnected with the CBS team, returned to her hotel and returned to the United States on the first flight the next morning. Lara Logan recovering after 'Brutal' attack!
What's happened to Lara Logan: it is a rough, rugged Ritual in the name of Allah reserved usually for the western women and\or Christian women! The blood has to flow from the woman until the faint or died ! It is a brutal form of oppression and potentially life-threatening, an act of power and dominion of the Islam on the humanity! These people are "convinced" that they are "Supermen" and consider the others as "Subhumans"! They believe that it is Allah who created the hierarchy of supermen over subhumans!
  In Europe, specially in France in Cannes the state and the municipality help and they encourage the islamic international mafioso networks to the barbaric methods which do not hesitate in kidnapping, raptio, Human trafficking, to steal, to break, to practise slavery, procuring, pedophilia, pédopornographie, tortures, extortions of the funds, goods or property, etc.! All these criminals, among ten thousand only in the city center, reign over Cannes and they cause every days enormous economic and health damages! These criminal networks use many methods to control their victims including force, sexual assault, Psycho-Terrorism without End, relentless harassment, threats of violence, the drug! An increasing number of women are involved in Trafficking in Human Beings, and their role is of growing importance in the recruitment, transfer, subjugation and surveillance of victims. Such a trend is observed across all ethnic groups, to varying degrees! These organised crime groups are those capable of controlling the entire trafficking process from recruitment to forced labour or prostitution, including transportation, the provision of documents, the execution of high level corruption and money laundering. These groups have the capacity to handle large numbers of victims and have established logistical bases and contacts in source, transit and destination countries. Highly flexible in nature, they conduct operations in cells active in several States, transferring victims easily from one country to another. In some cases, victims are used to control other victims, which indicates a complex distribution of roles within these criminal networks. In some cases, victims are used to participate in a crime in order to be found guilty! These organised crime groups win only on the Côte d'Azur in France 100 at 200 million euro a day, tax-exempt! Only a small part of the fabulous profits is put on the place in legal business (money laundering). In this connection, the criminal organizations take the influence on politics, medias and all social groups. All these hierarchized and structured criminal organizations enjoy therefore of a real feeling of impunity which takes root in the spirits. In Europe, specially in France in Cannes there are Islamic ultraviolent international mafiose clans composed of hundred thousands members who pursue the Christian young women, adolescent girls and little girls! These criminals attack them, arrest them and imprison them! These criminals practise massive and rough collective rapes! Besides the sexual abuses the bare, gagged and chained victims are subjected to Brutal Rituals in the name of Allah makes of tortures, barbaric acts, insults and splashed with urine and shit to in when the victims faint! When the victims wake up are made barren by extraction of the uterus by naked hand and they faint again! They also kidnapped whole families and they subjected all the family members to the same Rituals! All these criminals are convinced to be predatory and they consider others than as preys! These Islamic ultraviolent international mafiose clans subject the victims to the slavery, to the prostitution and practise the pedophilia, the procuring, the traffic of human persons, the racket, extortion of funds, Human beings' traffic aiming at the extraction of organs or tissues etc. and become more and more rich and powerful! The profoundly shocked victims undergo the brainwashing which transforms them to subjected unconscious and they are very grateful to their executioners. The victims consider their executioners as "rescuers", because the victims were only punished for the bad life that they had made! From now on by obeying their "rescuers" they do not make a mistake any more! Who dies, victim of these ill-treatments, is given to the pigs as food! Because pigs eat everything even the bones and Muslims eat no pork! Besides, they make food terrorism! They contaminate and they spoil foods in supermarkets by means of accomplices who work in supermarkets, in a way that we do not notice it when we buy! In the skull of these criminals, bubbles a magma of hatred and invidia! These criminals are perverts, maniacs and sadists and are affected by delusions of grandeur, and they follow an obsession! One of the bosses of these international mafia clans is also a leader of the jihadist al-Qaeda network. So al-Qaida is from always in Cannes! The public power "let make", that is not Secularism but corruption and High treason against Republic and its Fundamental Laws: Freedom Equality human Dignity is inviolable! The girls or the women have no right to choose the man to Make a Friendship, without to be harassed, offended and kidnapped by these maffiosos and hyper-violent Islamists clans! Everybody is convinced, that are the subdued ones which preach the submission! This mentality of arrears gives assistance and support at all these hyper-violent criminal clans! The violence becomes commonplace. The brutalities never end. In France Cannes today is like small Berlin in 1940, all the people rejoiced and were glad, but some were simply deported and were tourmented to death! Today in Cannes in France especially tourists young women, teenagers and girls are victims of Deportation by the international Islamist maffioso networks! The corruption, the organized crime and the terrorism lead a real war without that the innocent victims know it and are surprised, very terrorized and shocked by the bloodthirsty violence! The risks and the dangers to which the tourists expose themselves on the Côte d'Azur - France : Kidnapping and raptio - slavery - Sexual slavery, forced sexual slavery - Human trafficking - commercial sexual exploitation or forced labor - Commercial sexual exploitation of children - Child prostitution - Child pornography - Child sex tourism - Forced prostitution - Crime against humanity - Bride kidnapping and raptio - bride markets, sexual harassment, pornography, involuntary sterilization and childbearing, female genital mutilation, and temporary marriage or marriage of convenience for the purpose of sexual exploitation - forced into concubinage - intimate violence, rape and torture, prostitution, sex trafficking, sex tourism, sexual violence and exploitation, extortions of the funds, goods or property, Human trafficking! France is "a pimp and drug-dealer State" like many other european states! The globalisation of crime has already happened, it’s just fine tuning itself now. In Europe especially in France on the Côte d'Azur there is strong support and assistance for the view of trafficking in persons resulting in a globalisation of crime. The French State and many other States of the european Union are racists and terrorists like Hitler and Al-Qaida! Slavery is the violation of a person’s human dignity, equality, freedom and physical or mental integrity and as a practice by which some people achieve power and domination over others for the purpose of sexual gratification, financial gain, and/or advancement. In France Cannes is a nest of pedophiles and slave drivers! Slave driver: who is a supporter of the slavery! The french State opens the door to a hierarchy of supermen, subhumans for a Purpose and the Fight against Liberty Eguality and against human Dignity! Slavery, Organization based on the slavery! The slavery is the social condition of the slaves, the human persons not free and generally unpaid which are legally the property of another person and thus negotiable (purchase, sale, rent), in the same way as an object or a pet. In the broad sense, the slavery is the socioeconomic system basing on the preservation and the exploitation of persons in this condition. This system is completely against Republic and its fundamental Laws: freedom Equality human Dignity! Nevertheless, besides the fact that, it is not enough to forbid a practice for the purpose of her eradication, there are locally tolerances of public authorities because of corruption, criminal spirit and lack of morality! Thus, High Treason!
I have a dream that the people understand the Fundamental Laws, what quite other law has to respect: Freedom, Equality, human Dignity!
It's necessary to form an International Bureau of Investigation to recover the thousands of defrauded stolen extorted billions euros from the people and to free all the subdued people!
Are You Ready to Fight like Blackwater? Join Us! Association « Media 3 Media » makes an Appointment with you on May 15th, during International Film Festival in Cannes in France for the Celebration of European Federal Bureau of Investigation! MEMBERSHIP
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